I looked at the last 30 days or so Google Analytics for Value Air.  I made 4 PDFs that take a look at all the Good Stuff

1) Visitor Overview – Nov 14 – DEc 14 2011

  • You had 14,172 visits and there were 12,522 Unique Visitors to Value Air
  • They averaged 1.15 pageviews per visit (so they looked at one page then left)
  • Average Time on Site was 38 Seconds
  • the Bounce Rate was 88.91% (meaning 89% of the visitors immediate left)

2) Traffic Source Overview

  • Of your 14,172 total visits
  • 33% Direct Traffic (4786 visits – typed in valueair.com)
  • 1% from Referring Websites (170 visits)
  • 65% Search Engine (9216 visits)

3) Search Engine Keyword Report

  • of your 9216 visits via the search engines
  • 6k typed in value air
  • 711 typed value air
  • 483 typed valuair
  • 332 typed valueair.com……you see where this is going ALL BRAND NAME Keywords

4) Value Air Landing Pages  (pages people entered the site on)

  • 14,030 or the 14,172 visitors came in on the home page (then 89% immediately left)

There are many reasons why a page ranks well….good optimization, good content, and links.

But all 3 need to work together especially when trying to rank for a competive term like “ukraine cruises” on the Value Cruises website.

For some reason the main pages on Value Cruises have not been ranking.  They have good page rank and are somewhat optimized.  This quick little trick exposed why!

1) I simply took a chunk of text from the Value Cruises Ukraine Waterways Highlights page.

2) I plugged that content into Google (in parenthaseis)
3) River.affordabletours.com ranks first Continue reading »

Below are the rankings in both Google and Bing.  Things are looking good.  The pages that got fresh content did very well.  Traffic is up 35% and pages per visit is up.  The blue line is the last 3 months compared to the previous 3 months (green line)  Once these keywords start to show on the first page we should see some good traffic.  We went from not showing in the top 1000 to ranking for dozens of keywords in the top 100.  With more onpage optimization, fresh content, images, and links the rankings will continue to climb. Continue reading »

As I am going through my seo consult with Value Cruises, I am going to keep a running list of all the link built here on my website for 2 reasons.  1) So that everyone can see my link building history that is easily accessible and 2) So that the search engines have another avenue to indexing links I have built.  There is nothing worse than creating a ton of backlinks and then a month later you see many have not been indexed.

So these links are spread out to various authoritative sites.  If you look at the google page rank on the home page of any of these, you can see they have a high PR.  Also check them in Alexa.  These are great places to put links back to the Value Cruises Website.  Beyond these high quality links I have also done blog commenting, forum posting, directory submission, among the others.  The idea is to get a diverse backlink portfolio.  I build links with white hat techniques.  These are both nofollow and dofollow links.

Continue reading »

Before you get all angry, yes you should leave outbound links on many occasions.  To cite a source or to reference something.  But in the example below you can see how they are very bad in this instance.  So I was doing some research for a client.  They are a catering company so i clicked on a competitor’s PPC ad.  Next thing I knew 2 clicks later I was at another site.  It just struck me as funny because this company was bidding on the first spot for “orange county catering” which costs $4.25 according to the keyword tool.  So he in essence paid 4 bucks to send me to another website. So i gave him a quick shout with this free seo tip.

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Below you will see some baseline figures for Value Cruises and a handful of competitors.  We are looking at indexed pages on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Then I used Yahoo Site Explorer to check backlinks.  Alexa score is your traffic ranking on the web.  Next is your website grader score.  And finally OSE is Open Site Explorer which is a link profile tool.  Where the Value Cruises website is lacking is really in the link profile.  Once we gain some inbound links and optimize the pages..this should help alot with the website rankings. Continue reading »

Below are the Google Analytics baseline report for The Value Cruises Consult.  Most of the reports were run using the non-paid traffic segment.  ”Non-paid means the traffic was referred organically from the search engine.” (Google)  So to you and I this means anyone who comes to the valuecruises.net website by using a search engine.  This is important because many things can affect traffic.  If you send an extra newsletter out one month, the traffic could be significantly higher.  But by using the search engine traffic segment…we see only the “organic traffic” and this is how you measure how good the search engine optimization is doing.” Continue reading »

I have written about performing an SEO audit many times. By performing a monthly audit you can track your website improvement over time. I usually check in every month for my seo clients. This is an important part of search engine optimization. It can quickly give you insights into the major components of a website. Continue reading »

Hey Steav,

Here are 6 article ideas.  2 are Real Estate Related, 2 are car reviews, and 2 are about Dental/Orthodontic Braces.  The columsn include the subject, Word count (4-500 word articles and 2-250 word articles), keywords to be used, and places where you can find information for the articles.  Continue reading »

So if you are looking to buy a website domain name or URL from a company the resells the premium ones, GOOD LUCK!  The chances are slim and none.  You know the drill.  You find a good keyword only to see that the .COM has already been taken.  A quick glimpse can reveal any number of scenarios.  The owner could just be sitting on it.  It could be parked for ad money.  The domain can be forwarded to another.  The could be a good looking powerful site already.  Or on the flip side the website can be from ten years ago with nothing new.  But the WORST thing that could happen if you are looking to BUY a WEBSITE NAME is when a brokerage or buying service already owns it.  Continue reading »

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