Before you get all angry, yes you should leave outbound links on many occasions.  To cite a source or to reference something.  But in the example below you can see how they are very bad in this instance.  So I was doing some research for a client.  They are a catering company so i clicked on a competitor’s PPC ad.  Next thing I knew 2 clicks later I was at another site.  It just struck me as funny because this company was bidding on the first spot for “orange county catering” which costs $4.25 according to the keyword tool.  So he in essence paid 4 bucks to send me to another website. So i gave him a quick shout with this free seo tip.

So I click on one of your adwords ad which probably cost a couple of bucks.  2 clicks later I ended up at this page  (a site showing their various venues)

then promply clicked on paradiso yacht charters link and was take to their website.

So here is my tip: do not have outbound links to other sites on your website.  You just paid $4to send me to another website.
Also biddding for the #1 adwords spot is a big mistake.

I run into this all the time and I pay it forward with some free advice. And usually I get some angry response like “hey this guy is trying to sell us something. I noticed an adwords ad for a nissan leaf one day. Well the word Nissan was spelled wrong. So I brought it to their attention. And got some sort of snide remark from their agency.

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