Security Camera Systems Toronto – The Features To Look For

security camera systems toronto

With crime rates at all time highs in most places, people have turned to technology to provide better security. The security camera systems Toronto residents have installed in their homes and business premises are helping keep criminals at bay. Security cameras are also helping to reduce incidents of plain vandalism which also cause significant damage to private property.

If people are being forced to install surveillance cameras, they might as well do a little bit of research to make sure they get the right equipment. When the help of security experts are sought, the security camera systems Toronto locals install turn out to be adequate. But for simple home requirements, you may only need to know what to look for to get a proper security camera system installed. This online article contains information about security cameras.

Features To Look For In Surveillance Camera Equipment For Homes

Here are some tips on the features you should look for in security cameras to protect your home:

  1. Some cameras will have to be installed in outdoor locations. It goes without saying that these cameras need to be weather proof. That means effective seals against water, dust, and snow. Look for outdoor security cameras with the highest waterproof rating.

  2. Wiring is hard to install so it is better if you can find a security camera which requires the least amount of wiring installation. You can also design the locations of the different equipment to reduce the need for wiring. There are some cameras which are able to deliver power and video footages through one Ethernet wire.

  3. Web access is also a desirable feature. You would want to be able to monitor your home and even your children remotely through a smart phone or a laptop. It just provides a higher degree of situational awareness.

  4. Your camera should be able to send footages to a recording device so you have evidence when you need it. This is important since thieves and vandals often strike when there is nobody home.

  5. Low light video capture is important as most intruders like to do their stuff under cover of darkness. There are plenty of security video cameras capable of video capture even in complete darkness. A camera with 0 lux rating and built in infrared illuminators will give the best results.

  6. Picture clarity is important in locations where you may want to be able to recognize faces and license plate numbers, for example. For these areas high resolution digital cameras and analog cameras work best.

  7. Cameras with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) can cover a larger area. The zoom feature allows you to focus on faces, license plate numbers, tattoos, and other important details. It takes more fixed focus cameras to cover the same area that one with PTZ features does.

  8. You may want to consider concealing your camera. There are cameras designed to either look inconspicuous or look like an ordinary item. Using concealed cameras in tandem with visible dummy cameras is a good trick to use.

If these are not enough, you may want to consider 24/7 monitoring services from a security company.